1)Sodium hydrosulfide

2)Molecular formula: NaHS

3)Molecular weight: 56.06

4)CAS NO: 16721-80-5

5)Hs NO.: 28301090


Item Super Grade
Appearance Yellowish Flake
NaHS % Min 70
Na2S % Max 3.0
Na2SO3 % Max 1.0
Iron(Fe) PPM 15
Na2CO3 % Max 0.6
Insoluble in water % Max 0.05


Sodium Hydrosulphide ,Sodium Hydrogen Sulphide, Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide, Sodium Sulfhydrate, Sodium Bisulphide.


mainly used by mill run, pesticide, dye ,leather production and organic compound. compared with other company, high purity, less impurity, not easy to be intenerated,especially less iron , sodium sulfide, sodium carbonate, Insolubles impurity in water.dip-dying in the leather production , it can disperse the fibre equably.

less iron insure the appearance and good quality of leather.

Producing Method:

absorb sulfureted hydrogen(H2S) through subtractive ionic film.


White needle system crystal, easily being deliquescent, soluble in water and alcohol, water solution with strong alkaline. Reacted with acids and liberates hydrogen sulfide. Industrial grade is generally in solution form with pale yellow color, slight rotten egg smell.


25kgs net in PP bag with PE liner, or 900kg bag , or 1oookg bag with pallet.


Keep only in closed, properly labeled containers. Do nor store in zinc, aluminum, or copper containers. Store in cool, dry, ventilated area to prevent it from being deliquescent. Separated from acids, acidic materials, oxidizing agents.