1) Product: dextrose monohydrate oral grade

2) CAS no.: 14431-43-7

3) Molecular formula: C6H14O7

4) Molecular weight: 198.17

5) Solubility:

a) Water: high

b) Alcohol: low

c) Ether, chloroform and other organic solvents: insoluble

6) Taste: sweet


Item Super Grade
Appearance White Crystalline powder
Specific Rotation +52.00~53.50
Acidity ≤1.2ml
Chloride ≤200ppm
Sulfate ≤200ppm
Sulfite & Dissoluble Starch Yellow
Loss on Drying ≤9.1%
Residue on Heating ≤0.1%
Iron ≤20ppm
Heavy Metal ≤20ppm
Arsenic ≤2ppm
Pathogenic Bacteria Can not be found
Mould ≤80cfu/g
Color Dot ≤40cfu/50g


It can be used to produce oral species together with all kinds of vitamin and as raw material of producing sorbitol as feedstock of vitamin C. Also it is widely used in candy, beer, drinks, dairy products, invigorant, honey process, fruit can, instant noodle, some medicine, cake, bread, biscuit, preserved fruit, cornmeal, malted milk, longan milk, panax power, sesame paste, olive crispbread, confect, dried fish, dried beef and dried minced meat.


25kg/plastic woven bag or Kraft bag